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1 - Landscapes - Sunset through Trees - Monte Negro
2 - Animals - Landscapes - Urban - Morning fog and the Shiba Inu dog - Monflanquin
Welcome to my website.
I hope you will enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy creating them.

I am a nature photographer and try to capture its spirit in the beauty of its shapes and colours.

Originally from Italy, I now live and work in Portugal where I enjoy the beautiful variety of Portuguese nature, landscapes, architecture and people.

Photography is the way I express myself and bring my vision of the world to you.
Each time I take a photo, I think something beautiful is captured in that small image, but as small as it can be, it can bring feelings and sensations.

My art lets me share with you the beauty of the world, which is expressed in nature, architecture, sky, sea, ocean, animals, people…
Nature is amazing and awe‐inspiring. It is beautiful, unique, powerful and varied.
I try to find out how our world makes us feel its power and beauty, even beyond what we could imagine.
I would like to make you feel and see that, using light and colours through photography.
With my photos I would like to show you and make you feel this wonderful world in which we all live.
My aspiration is to use my photos to let you see and feel the emotion nature can provoke.

And I try to realize that not only in Portugal but also by traveling around the world.

So, what a photo is?

A moment, a feeling, an emotion, a vision, a life…

A fragment of time?

Photos freeze time, capture it.
They let us see and feel that exact moment in time, even if later the subject has changed or disappeared.
Photos allow us to see in the past, or how we would like the future to be.
Photos can express so many things, a photo can be a moment in the life of a landscape or a person.

All photos presented on this website were taken by me at different times and using different photography equipment.

Photo Editing

This is a highly debated topic, both for photographers and viewers.
What I write here is my opinion, and as I think in life changes happen, it may become different in the future.

Photographers had always edited photos. Previously it was made in darkrooms and now it is made digitally.

Cameras are devices with limitations, they cannot, in any way, work as better as human eyes.

I think photo editing is a higher level an artist can perform to fine-tune, to create and express his vision.
If the result brings you feelings and emotions, it has been a successful work.

I edit my photos to make them as similar as possible to the reality I was observing while taking them and to deliver even more impressive feelings and emotions.

I consider this Fine Art Photography.


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